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Verteka expand party wall development to PSF columns (Feb 2010)
8th February 10

In response to difficult access for a two pairs of column sets, Verteka have modified the PSF (Permanent Structural Formwork) system to simplify the construction of two column types on Galliford Try's Wakely Street student accommodation project.

In conjunction with Reddington's proposal of PSF, Verteka modified the standard PSF geometry to accommodate the 147 degree angular returns of a profiled column set. This pre-manufactured column allows Reddington to position the item within the site and from one sided access. The operation was originally made difficult due to the proximity over the public accessed pavement below.

The second column set sees PSF formed into a 'dog leg' type column and placed within a tight tolerance to an existing party wall.

In both columns, further technical advancements were made to the PSF product as the required thickness of 150 mm is reduced down from Verteka's previous 200 mm minimum thickness.

In both cases, HSE risks, in particular with respect to safe construction, saw benefit form the use of Verteka PSF.