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Local Contractor promotes Verteka' s first PSF column application (11 Feb 08)
11th February 08

A local contractor will be the fist RC Frame Contractor to build an RC frame structure comprising substantially all vertical elements with Verteka PSF. The 8 storey building will take lateral stability from the basement upwards using Verteka s structural lift core and stair core systems.

Verteka Columns, which utilize Verteka' s patented Permanent Structural Formwork technology, were also proposed by the progressive firm to accelerate the construction period as well as overcome construction issues associated with the perimeter columns. Recognizing further efficiencies of using the off-site system, the contractor is working closely with Bridges Pound Engineering and the Burgess Mean Architectural practice to add value to the RI' s project specification and construction programme.

The coincidental location of the project in Surrey means that Verteka' s site supervisors have only to walk a few yards from Verteka' s main office in Woking to oversee the installation works. Parties interested in viewing erection of Verteka PSF core and columns can easily arrange site visits as the site is located minutes from the Woking rail station. Contact Verteka in the first instance.

Installation of Verteka PSF commences 03 March 2008.