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Major UK contractor achieves time and cost savings using Verteka PSF (Jun 08)
18th June 08

One of the UK's top contractors has completed a trial of Verteka PSF on a multi-storey concrete frame project. A project with several near-identical 7-storey buildings has been completed, with one building utilising Verteka PSF for construction of upper three levels' lift and stair cores.

For the buildings constructed using traditional insitu concrete, the quickest construction time achieved for any of the superstructures was 8 weeks. With only a portion of the trial building's cores constructed with Verteka PSF, the contractor completed the concrete frame structure in 6 weeks, achieving a time savings of 2 weeks.

The contractor confirmed that based on plant and labour alone, the building constructed using Verteka PSF had a lower overall construction cost.

" We tried the Verteka System and were impressed with the speed of which walls and cores can be constructed on site. With PSF we were able to call in the panels for erection in the morning and concrete fill in the afternoonThe PSF system also provided flexibility on site which clearly benefited the interfacing works such as construction of the slabs,  Further project savings arising from reduced preliminaries and other cost benefits can be realised where Verteka is utilised throughout a projects critical activities. "  (Site Project Manager comments)