Head Office
VTK Structures Limited
Rivington House
82 Great Eastern Street

Tel: 020 7692 8200
Fax: 020 7692 8201

Email: info@vtksl.com

Rapid  construction  of  lift  and  stair  cores

  • Construct one storey per day
  • Provides complete building stability
  • Costs similar to that of  traditional RC cores
  • Offsite manufactured for accurate on-site construction

Components (external view)

Concrete filling (internal view)

Site Benefits

  • 5 to 20 stories
  • JIT delivery: No site storage required
  • Minimal crane hook time: position and release (circa 1 hour)
  • Openings preformed: pre-boarded for safety
  • No propping: panels are self-locating and  self-stable in the temporary condition
  • No scaffolding: Installation entirely from crane and built-in platform
  • No carpenters or steel fixers required & … Erection and concrete fill by Verteka
  • Improved HSE: reduced work at height
Interface Benefits
  • Structural frame: steel inserts pre-installed to accept building frame, stairs etc
  • Decorative finish: immediately paint, plaster or attach cladding
  • E&M: first fix items such as conduits and lift components can be immediately fixed
  • Frame:   steel or concrete frame, LGS and  modular pods all interface with Verteka PSF

BS EN Compliance   

  • Part B: 2 Hour fire rating
  • Part E: exceeds 415 kG/m2 requirement
  • Certification: in progress with UK test houses