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Verteka introduce panel based system (02 Apr 08)
2nd April 08

Shaca Construction are the latest London based contractor to incorporate Verteka PSF lift and stair cores into concrete frame buildings. To facilitate the high proportion of corners and 'T-junctions' Verteka is introducing a panel based system to construct the stair core

The lift-core geometry for 8 person lifts typically leads to a 2 meter square box, which when formed from Verteka PSF can be both transported to site and installed as a complete unit, even with limited crane capacity. The stair core on this Croydon project has a higher proportion of returns, and while further modularization is feasible, Verteka have developed a structural corner connection system. This connection system will allow straight panels to be connected at site in very short periods of time.  Verteka's philosophy of a storey per day will be maintained using this format.

The Engineer on the project is Ellis and Moore. Installation of the cores set to commence mid-June 2008.